Access Recruiters

Your innovative access to the best talents worldwide

You are searching for talents that deliver success and perfectly fit into your corporate structure?

We give you access to exactly that talents with our 3 step system:

  1. Identify talents: With our international network or innovative search methods we identify the best talents for your business.
  2. Select the best talents: With our background and talent success screening we select the best available talents for your vacancy
  3. Implementing talents: After the ident and selection of the talents we guide you within the hiring process of the talent and deliver guidance within the transition process of the hired talent

Our recruiting expertise also includes:

  • Social Media Recruiting for targeting several talent groups
  • Employer branding for better results within the talent acquisition
  • Talent Transition for a faster and more successful transition of your hired talents into the new position


Why hiring us for your global Executive Search:

  • International network to the best talents worldwide
  • New Technologies for searching hidden talents
  • Active Search methods to reach talents that are not actively searching
  • Fair pricing models with flatrate possibilities

Business Generator

New Sales, New Customers, New Markets

You are searching for a new innovative way to attract new customers, new sales representatives or enter a new market? We invented a fully automated and tailor-made program based on new technologies that automatically create new business for you. We work with the following moduls that you can choose individually or all moduls as a full-service system.

1.) Lead Generation with Social-Media-Campaigns in all global markets

After analyzing the best strategy and possible target groups in different social media platforms we create tailor-made campaigns for your product or your sales opportunity. By launching and testing the best campaings we attract prospects in these social media channels for your project.

2.) Automated Follow-Up-Program

All generated prospects will be guided through an online system with follow-up information via indi- vidually created online landingpages that inform the prospects with exactly the information that they need to start with.

3.) Webinar and seminar program

To provide further information within the prospect process in some projects it will be necessary to involve the prospects in a live information event. This will be set up in a webinar or seminar structure to develop an online and offline possibility for your prospects to gain more information and a basis for a decision to buy or join.

4.) Buying or joining portal

With our fully automated systems we guide the prospect into your existing buying or joining process or we set up a tailor made solution that can be implemented into your existing organizational process.

Direct Selling International

We live direct selling

With several experts from the direct selling industry from different areas we deliver cutting-edge service for all direct selling matters. With our +25 years experience and more than 250 projects within the past 5 years in all direct selling areas and global markets we have build up all necessary knowledge, expertise and international relations for faster and more economic results.

We are your perfect partner for the following projects:

  • Direct Selling Start-Up
  • International market launches including tax and law advice by local experts
  • Product consulting
  • Direct Selling Incentives
  • Compensation Plan Consulting
  • Direct Selling Training Systems with more than 500,000 participants within the past 10 years
  • Business Generator program for new customers and new sales representatives
  • Full-service sales outsourcing
  • International payment solutions
  • Business intelligence with a big direct selling database for facts driven decisions
  • Interim Management for international markets
  • Direct Selling Executive Search for the best talents in our industry
  • Public Relations for Direct Selling companies
  • Innovative Online Technologies for Direct Selling companies
  • Recruiting systems for new sales

Happy Talents

Worldwide talent pooling and talent grouping

Are you searching for a system to find talents for several vacancies in one region? Did you search for good talents already a long time, but still did not find the perfect match?

We help you with our expertise and our new technologies to find your talent solution. With our brand Happy Talents we combined successful systems to find talents for several positions or talents that are hard to find.

Our service combines the following services:

1.) Social Media recruiting by setting up tailor-made campaigns

After reviewing the job requirement and location, we start to evaluate a potential target group for our social media campaigns in order to publish your vacancy within the perfect social media channels.

2.) Employer Branding

After defining the right information about your company and the vacancy we create individualized landingpages for the vacancy. This will guide every potential talent into an informational process about your company to trigger the action to apply for the job.

3.) Follow-Up-System

An automated follow-up-program will guide the talent to take action after applying for the job. We create talent groups for you to find the most active and relevant candidates. The system allows you to review talent documentation and will help you to invite the talents to your interviews.


4.) Talent Pooling

The talent pooling will enable you to group several candidates for several positions that you need to fill, even if you have a timeline of several months for the placements. With our talent pooling you will have a fully automated system that keeps all talents up to date and will give you access to talents that want to a be a hired for that position now or even later.


Major Benefits:

We reach candidates that are not even actively searching for a new opportunity. Talents that didn´t recognize you before in an advertisement or posting in a job portal will now be confronted with your employer image several times and will start to recognize you. Expensive advertisement in job portals will lead to potnetial searching talents and you get stuck in a passive searching process, means that you have to wait until the talents will react to your advertisement. With our technology we will actively create interest in your vacancy by talents that might not searched actively before. Talent pooling will give you the opportunity to attract a group of talents within a longer time period of placing them in several positions.


Continual Learning

Das Prämierte Vertriebstrainings-System für langanhaltenden Erfolg

With more than 500,000 participants on our seminars within the past 10 years we are one of the leading companies within the sales training industry. We developed several training methods for sales representatives that match the needs of a sales structure. The continual learning training system was developed to have a long term impact on every sales structure. A one time sales training will not change the habbit of a sales structure in the long run, so we set up several individual training steps. After reviewing and evaluating the demands of your company and the sales structure we create an individual training system in several stages to set up a long term training. The training system is developed for minimum 6 or 12 months, depending on the goals of your company and the status of the sales structure.


The major topics of the continual learning program are:

  • Defining the status and needs of the sales structure
  • Grouping the participants depending on their strengths and training needs
  • Individualized training moduls for the different groups
  • Participant questionnaires for analyzing the recent status of each participant
  • Follow-Up program fort he participants based on their goals
  • Success driven webinars, skype-calls and calls with the groups and individuals
  • Recognition within the training process

Our Location

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